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A professional termite inspection is like a vital health check for your home. When we carry out an inspection we’ll also let you know if we find any other timber pests such as mould, wood decay and borers. Most importantly we’re also looking for conditions or maintenance issues around your home that may make your house more likely to be attacked by termites such as leaking showers, poor drainage, stored materials and more.

Our entry-level inspections are carried out by our industry professionals and meet the required industry standards. We also offer more comprehensive inspections through the use of the latest technology available including moisture meters, Termatrac termite detectors and full thermal imaging termite inspections.

Thermal Termite Inspection

Thermal imaging devices can detect extremely small variations in the surface temperature of different parts of a building. These differences are then graphically displayed as an image which can be interpreted by one of our trained thermographers.

The use of a thermal camera allows us to identify temperature differences which can then be investigated to determine their cause. Unexplained temperature anomalies can sometimes be caused by a termite attack.

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Termatrac Termite Detector

We are equipped with and trained to use the Termatrac T3 termite detector. This device is one of the most sophisticated termite inspection tools in the world and combines radar operation to detect movement inside building components with the ability to measure moisture content and measure thermal variations.

Since the late 1990s, Termatrac has been developing their unique termite radar which is calibrated to detect the tiny movements of termites inside timbers and other building components. Over this period, the device has been improved and as a result of our specialist training, has become a truly valuable part of our termite inspection toolkit.

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Standard Termite Inspection

Australian Standard 3660.2 specifies the standard and inclusions when inspecting a building for termites. It is essentially a visual inspection only. Adding the use of a thermal camera to a termite inspection can reveal termite infestations that are not detectable when carrying out a visual-only inspection. This is because termite activity is often not visible on the surface and can be present inside walls and other building elements. Talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss the best inspection suitable for your property.

Moisture Meters

We utilise moisture meters on all termite inspections that we carry out. These devices assist us in detecting areas of high moisture to internal walls. This can sometimes indicate leaking plumbing in walls or leaks in roofing. Both of these situations are conducive to termite attack and can cause damage to buildings. The presence of termites within a wall can also increase the moisture content and so the use of a moisture meter can assist us in locating concealed termite activity.

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